Welcome to Team Nutrition

Welcome to Team Nutrition

Letting yourself down with a subpar performance is bad enough, but when your whole team is counting on you it’s even worse. As part of a team being able to rely on each other is crucial for success in any area, not just sport, sadly SportLyte can’t help you with difficult team-mates but it can help you give your best on the field. While some teams can afford to hire their own nutritionist it’s an expensive solution to the simple challenge of making sure your body has the water and nutrients it needs to achieve maximum performance.

No two sports are the same; from length of game, number of players, and intensity of activity. This means that the requirements of athletes for different sports vary widely, on top of individual differences affecting the levels of water, sodium, and potassium the body needs. In addition many sports have different roles within teams, while a goalkeeper might spend large amounts of time in one spot; the midfielders might have been running around for the entire game.

While orange slices at half time feel a little retro in the age of the protein shake it’s still important to find time to eat before, during, and after the game (and no a pint and a pie probably won’t help you replace your lost electrolytes). Foods high in carbohydrates make a good pre-game snack, because the carbohydrates gradually break down into sugar the body can use giving you a slow-release source of energy throughout the game. Washing your snack down with an isotonic drink will keep your sodium levels high enough to help your body retain water and make sure you don’t fall victim to dehydration. Plus it will replace the sodium you’ll lose through sweating and help you avoid the dizziness and nausea that low sodium levels can cause.

Dehydration is one of the toughest opponents a team will come up against, especially if they’re playing in hot and humid conditions. Hydration is of vital importance and everyone in the team should ensure they drink enough fluid before and during their training sessions. While it’s tempting to just push through, dehydration brings its own dangers and can cause stress on the cardiovascular system which in turn increases body temperature, which can lead to an increased risk of heart-related illness.

So how do you make sure every member of your team is reaching their potential? One way is to make sure each person has their own personal hydration plan, tailor made to suit their needs. To do this you need to determine everyone’s sweat rates by measuring body mass before and after training, while keeping track of the fluid they consume. Trying to do this on your own can be difficult which is where SportLyte comes in.

The SportLyte Kit is designed with sports teams in mind and is great for in the field real-time sweat testing. All team members can be tested at once before and after exercise so their personalised hydration plans can be formed in order to get the best from each individual to achieve that team success!