Peak Performance

Peak Performance

HORIBA Company Information

The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand.

Inspired by our unique motto, “JOY and FUN,” our 7000+ employees focus on social responsibilities by building state-of-the-art products for scientific advancement; especially for protecting health, safety, and the environment.

Peak Performance

Why SportLyte

Using our extensive knowledge from our experience at HORIBA we have been able to bring science to training by creating a portable refillable kit. Our proven technology is tried, tested and trusted with almost half a million * units in the field. The SportLyte kit can be used by athletes of all levels to easily and quickly test their sweat for sodium and potassium concentrations to empower sporting professionals to control and optimise their personal hydration. Knowledge is power.

SportLyte is the first to offer:

  • A completely portable sweat testing kit
  • Instant measurement results for Na and K+
  • Multiple athlete testing abilities
  • Minuscule amount of sweat sample required to perform the tests
  • Lab equivalent accuracy
  • Test on multiple areas of the body

*As of 31st December 2017 485,000 units of Cardy and LAQUAtwin meters have been sold since 1987 - these are the heart of the SportLyte Kit.

The Team

Samuel Francois

Samuel Francois has a master degree in Environmental Sciences and joined the company HORIBA in 2008. After receiving a regular enquiries from athletes and nutritionists interested about HORIBA LAQUAtwin meters to evaluate the electrolytes concentration in sweat, Samuel had the idea the develop a kit that would not only allow to perform the measurement but also include all the sampling equipment as well as the information needed to estimate the electrolyte loss over a training period. The development of the product Sportlyte has started end of 2015 with the collaboration of nutritionist coaching professional footballers, tennis players and cyclists from the world best teams. Samuel hopes that this new concept will bring a better understanding of hydration and electrolyte recovery in the sport science field and also wishes that Sportlyte will allow non-professional athletes to access quickly to laboratory grade testing at a competitive fee helping each individual to optimize his hydration and electrolyte replenishment strategy.

Imran Malik

Imran Malik has a BSc degree in Computing for Business and joined HORIBA in 2011. Imran is the co-creator alongside Samuel Francois on the SportLyte project and took over at the end of 2016. Imran developed the SportLyte kit you see before you today, the identity Imran wanted was for a kit which could be used, by daily gym goer to the elite athletes. Imran hopes this kit gives everyone access to instant laboratory standard results, without the laboratories fees and helping non-professionals becomes professionals.

Tanya Johnstone

Tanya Johnstone has a BSc in Human Biology and Health and joined HORIBA UK in 2012. Tanya is responsible for the creative direction of SportLyte and the creative team who bring this product to life. With a strong passion for natural health and fitness alternatives, Tanya knows SportLyte is perfect for individuals who want to explore an non-invasion option for sweat testing and the impact incorrect nutrition can have on their performance. When Tanya is not in the office you can find her educating individuals on the how to achieve an integrative approach to health and well-being, empowering people with the knowledge to achieve their ultimate fitness goals.

Leanne Davidson-Town

Leanne Davidson-Town has an MA in International Marketing Strategy and handles SportLyte’s branding and marketing communications strategy as well as HORIBA UK¹s online presence for the Semiconductor segment. As a Digital Marketing Specialist Leanne was heavily involved with the creation of the SportLyte website and is the project coordinator for all of SportLyte¹s digital marketing. With five years of marketing experience, Leanne has experience in social media, AdWords, content strategy, analytics and a range of digital tools. On top of SportLyte Leanne has been working, as part of a global team, to redesign and relaunch the HORIBA website with embedded SEO software and an integrated CRM. In her spare time Leanne likes to run, swim, and go for a work-out at the gym with her husband.

Jarrod Field

Jarrod Field has a BSc in automotive design technology and works as part of the HORIBA UK research & development team. Jarrod joined HORIBA in 2015 fresh from university. Jarrod¹s involvement in the project has been taking Imran & Samuels ideas and creating an innovative kit that helps to speed up the process required to analyse athletes sodium & potassium levels, using the market leading meters developed by HORIBA. Jarrod believes this set-up will give the athlete that extra edge to react quicker than athletes who use the laboratory testing service.

Georgina Coupe

Georgina Coupe, the newest (and youngest) member of the team, has a BSc in Natural Sciences and spent her first year at HORIBA working in marketing for Scientific. In addition to writing exhibition profiles, collaborating with Semicon to create cross-segment brochures, and reworking emailers for a UK audience, Georgina also did the background reading for and wrote the scientific sections of the copy for the SportLyte brochure. Georgina¹s wide range of scientific knowledge gives her the ability to understand the science behind the SportLyte product and clearly communicate this information to customers and distributors. In  attempt to do more exercise, Georgina has recently taken up Tang Soo Do and is currently working towards her orange belt.

Clare Fagan

Clare Fagan has been at HORIBA for 3 years, and joined the MarComs team in 2015 after working in a variety event and office management roles. During her time at HORIBA Clare has been involved in a range of internal and external events such as IBMS, Flurofest, London Vet Show and the launch of SportLyte at Elite Sport. In her day to day work Clare channels her creative spark into producing brochures, flyers and other marketing material for events and ad campaigns. With a strong working knowledge of photoshop and in-design, Clare will be involved in producing print adverts for SportLyte. Outside work Clare enjoys spending time with her children and indoor climbing, however her favourite form of exercise is shopping.

Amy MacHardie

Amy MacHardie has a BA in Entertainment Marketing, a diploma in Events Management, and 10 years marketing experience. In her two years with HORIBA Amy has worked on many large events, both internal and external, including Elite Sport, IBMS, and the Automotive Annual Showcase. The perfect combination of optimism and organisation, Amy is always willing to put her all into a project and looks forward to helping with future SportLyte events. When she isn¹t encouraging the rest of her colleagues to be healthier with ŒFree Fruit Mondays¹ and other social committee activities, Amy can be found working out in the gym or running around after her 3 year old son.  

Adam King

Adam King has worked within HORIBA for over a decade, initially focussing on Website Development and then moving onto Marketing and Communications. With a background primarily in digital marketing, Adam has assisted with the development and implementation of Sportlyte’s online collateral. Being a long-time colleague with HORIBA’s Scientific segment, and with also being a keen runner, Adam is delighted to be working on a product dedicated to the enhancement of an athlete’s ability, and is looking forward to working on further Sportlyte activities.